Miles of Traffic
MOT with Guit.
Four of a Kind
G Sequence
Dorian Chimes
Chimes with Guit.
C# Stomp
Stomp with Guit.
Big Intro
Sax Section
Lawrence of AML
When the Cocker Crowes
Welcome... the Groove Garage!

Thanks for stopping by. Everything you'll find here is a work in (very sporadic) progress. Nothing here is "finished".

The "band" you'll be listening to is just me playing into a Keyboard Workstation (Yamaha MOX8) I purchased a few years ago. The grooves here are just ideas that occured to me on a weekend here, an afternoon there, kind of as the mood arose over the last year or so.

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The "charts" in this section are nothing like comprehensive scores, or even complete fakebook-style charts.

Treat them as "sketches", or "suggestions", intended to acquaint various instrumentalists (usually a keyboardist) with the basic ideas for the various grooves.